About Me

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I am a wife and full-time mom to our two darlings aged four and two. Prior to taking the plunge to be a stay at home mom, I had been working and volunteering in the charity sector. Being at home full time meant that suddenly, the work life balance took on a whole new meaning!

I have a BA Honours Degree in Psychology and B.Com in Industrial Psychology and am passionate about helping families to flourish. Let’s face it; even under the best of circumstances, raising children is a tough job.

So having left my part-time job in the summer, I was filled with visions of the children and I having wonderful adventures beneath sunny skies. But the British weather, like children, are unpredictable. Things didn’t quite turn out as I imagined and after a hard cold winter, I was not enjoying my parenting experience and feeling incredibly guilty for feeling this way.

A flyer about a free taster session from my son’s day nursery caught my eye . Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Course – I was skeptical but intrigued. I went along to the taster session, tried some of the techniques and was excited by how effective they were and how easy it was to implement. I signed up for the full five-week course and this was the start of my journey to eventually becoming an Independent Love and Logic Facilitator. The course was fun. We often chuckled as the speaker described embarrassing but common parenting challenges. And week after week I was able to implement the new techniques with ease. However, it wasn’t always easy to be consistent with the techniques and even now, I sometimes slip into my old ways – but I know that consistency is key to success and I continue to work on that.

The techniques have helped me gain a sense of composure. I am disciplining, not punishing. Responding not reacting. Enjoying the time with my children a lot more! Better still, I am no longer the bad guy, but I am being firm and setting boundaries and limits in a nurturing and loving way. Sometimes the children even use Love and Logic on me!

So when the opportunity came along to become an independent facilitator, I knew it was right for me and our family. I’ll be able to use my existing skills and experience and still spend more time at home with our children. I’ve had a lot of support and encouragement from my colleagues Bev Brown from Parenting Magic and Vicky Chittock from Parenting Plus in getting this venture off the ground.

It is a tremendous and exciting opportunity to be able to run my own business and share the Love and Logic techniques with you. I look forward to meeting you at a taster session or course real soon!

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