Course Outline
If you decide to join us on one of the morning or evening courses then have a look at the 5-week course outline below to see what you have to look forward to:

Session One: handling misbehavior without breaking a sweat
  • putting an end to whining and arguing
  • preparing for children response to new techniques
  • disciplining children without loosing their love

Session Two: teaching kids to listen … The first time

  • why giving repeated warnings is damaging
  • simple techniques for getting your kids to behave without having to lecture, bribe, or spank
  • tips for putting an end to misbehaviour in public
  • how to lower your blood pressure and have more fun!

Session Three: avoiding power struggles

  • time-tested tips for ending bedtime battles
  • how to get more control by sharing it
  • what to do with little ones who want to sleep with you
  • why relationship and nurturing is the foundation of responsibility

Session Four: limits create happier parents, happier kids, and happier families

  • tips for making potty training fun
  • techniques for getting kids to be more co-operative about eating, dressing, picking up toys, etc
  • how to end battles over getting ready to go in the morning
  • more tools for making parenting a joy!

Session Five: what to do when your kids leave you speechless

  • what to do when your kids act in ways that leave you thinking, “What do I do now?”
  • why it’s often ok to buy yourself some time by briefly delaying consequences
  • what to do when your kids really drain your energy with misbehavior
  • how to start looking forward to your kids acting up!
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