The children were fighting a lot prior to the course, and my younger son was kicking and hitting when frustrated. The course gave me lots of simple, practical ideas that were easy to use and have made a big difference to both the boys behaviour and how relaxed I am. There is less conflict in the family and I enjoy spending time with the children more and am less tired.
Sarah F, Mom of two boys

My sister who had previously attended the course told me how useful she had found it. I felt I was a mainly calm parent in difficult situations, but needed help dealing with certain situations correctly and effectively.It was helpful to gain insight from other parents as to how to deal with certain situations from parents who had been there themselves. Matthew is responding well so far, it is a work in progress!

Sarah, stay at home mom to a 3 year old with another baby due in couple of months

My motivation to attend the course was to improve and learn how to respond better with my 5 and 2 year old. I wanted to do things differently this time round as her grandmother and really enjoy parenting the girls instead of it being a fate of compli. The day to day challenges were taking over the fun parts and making parenting incredibly stressful. The leaflet I picked up addressed the top 5 challenges we were experiencing, the main one being listening and responding first time without constant threats or bribery. I was doubtful of the course structure coming from an adult teaching background but found it worked really well. The girls have reacted really well to the techniques and I found the sessions flowed really well and addressed the brickwalls or queries I experienced during the week.
Christine, grandmother

I have found the theory behind this system very interesting. Whilst giving discipline you are also teaching them to be responsible for their own actions, a skill for life.The approaches I have tried have been amazingly successful and it has given me confidence to see things through rater than give in and make things worse. I would highly recommend it.

Helen C, mum of 5 and 3 year old

Useful examples and simple techniques. Makes one think of the influence / impact your decisions have on your children.
Hadley, dad of 4 year old and 2 year old

I am a self-employed mum of a lively – some would say ‘spirited’ 4 year old girl. I would not describe my girl as ‘naughty’ but she is very strong willed and at times emotional, which as many people know, presents its own challenges. We thought we had got off lightly with the’ terrible twos’ and in honesty were probably a little smug – we then discovered that it was actually the threes which were terrible and a time of power struggles, meltdowns and tantrums and generally ‘the only way was her way’.
When I realised that I was draining myself of energy engaging in endless battles of will and shouting matches which actually made the tantrums worse, the Love & Logic programme was recommended to me by a friend who had benefited greatly from it and was delighted with the results in calming her own home environment.
I have to say my husband was not as enthusiastic as I was about embarking upon such a programme – he felt that our daughter was not naughty and her behaviour was not ‘extreme’ enough to warrant a parenting course. I think he felt we were coping just fine and that it was almost an admission that we were bad parents if we asked for advice. I’ve since discovered that this isn’t an unusual reaction (sorry to sound sexist – but particularly amongst Dads) but my advice would be don’t be put off – go ahead and give it a try. My thought was even if I only took away one useful hint or tip it would be worth it – and I took away much more than that.
So would I recommend the course? Let me give you my thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages:
• Just the right length – 5 weekly sessions of 2.5-3 hours fitted perfectly around my other commitments and did not feel like a long, drawn out programme
• Extremely friendly, informal and unintimidating setting.
• Meeting other parents who needed advice (all Mums in my case – Dad’s you really do need to give this a go too!) Parenting can be quite isolating – we all muddle through doing our best don’t we? Even though we didn’t all have the same problems it was so enlightening hearing other peoples’ stories and we picked up some fantastic tips from one another. I also came away every week reassured that virtually every anxiety or difficulty I had experienced, the others in the group had too and maybe I wasn’t such a useless parent after all :-)
• The input from the founders of the programme – Charles and Jim Fay- were insightful and entertaining – in fact hilarious. In the situations they talk through they hit the nail so accurately on the head that it almost feels they have psychic powers and can see into your home and car!
• The insights and additional input from the group facilitator were brilliant. Robyn was knowledgeable and provided some great advice but was also so down to earth and open to sharing her own experiences to support the group.
• The course promotes a ‘menu’ of really useful techniques to cope with various situations
• Be prepared for a fair amount of ‘cheese’. The founders are from the USA. I personally felt that some of the phrases they use to support the techniques are a little ‘cringey’ and did not sit comfortably with my own style. That said, the group facilitator was always very helpful in trying to find alternative phrases which were more appropriate for me and the idea is that you pick and choose the techniques which are most relevant and useful to you.
In summary I would definitely say yes I recommend the course. I cannot say that I follow every recommended approach and technique to the letter. However, above all I feel I am now calmer, more aware of how my own behaviour was adding to the problem and much more capable of diffusing situations without feeling that I am losing control. Sure we still have the occasional off day but on the whole life is less stressful and generally more fun – and even my husband will reluctantly admit that there have been benefits from me attending the course :-)

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